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Decentralized Unmanaged Organization

Making a difference

It is all about decentralization

Lern the idea of SMRT16

SMRT16 is an implementation of the idea of a business completely working onchain and completely decentralized. It does not surprise us to hear now that one company is working completely online?

Being online is comparable of being onchain.

So, SMRT16 is one of working completely onchain. It's a good example of Decentralized Unmanaged Organization

What can be decentralized in an enterprise? Let's apply maximum decentralization

Decentralization of profit

SMRT16 token are shares that indicate that their owner has contributed to the company's capital. The owner of the tokens has right to receive profit in the form of dividends. The Smart Contract will accrue dividends while Ethereum blockchain exists.

Decentralization of responsibility

Token holders are partners of the Smart contract and are entitled to profit from a decentralized enterprise. This site does not have any additional management or control. Ownership and all the responsibility proportionally lies with the token holders.

Decentralization of marketing

As the ownership of the project belongs to the token holders then the same way marketing becomes their duty as well. SMRT16 has built-in marketing mechanism of multi level rewards and referrals accounting. Payments are instant in ETH.

How it works

The idea of DUO is that on the blockchain there may exist whole decentralized organizations that do not need human management. All rules and business processes can be programmed once and work unchanged for a long time. This time is limited only by the lifetime of the blockchain platform itself, in the case of SMRT16 it's Ethereum. Specifically, the SMRT16 project intends to do the following:

Making profit on-chain

To collect profits in a fully decentralized mode, all services provided by smart contracts must be fully on-chain. At the moment, there is a list of ideas:

  • Decentralized insurance company
  • Decentralized credit institution
  • Decentralized crypto exchange
  • Decentralized crowdfunding
  • Decentralized user identity accounting systems such as

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Profit distribution

Fundamentally, the main capital of the project is actually the attention of the SMRT16 audience. This attention is the result of the work of the project participants themselves, who interact with smart contracts. They are the only beneficiaries of this attention capital. Dividend distribution in SMRT16 is not a simple technical process and is based on the principles of the MiniMeToken by Jordi Baylina ideas. Also, the fact that some users may forget about the project, or lose access to the address where SMRT16 tokens are stored, and thus lose the ability to call the dividend function, is taken into account. To ensure that the SMRT16 does not become a dead repository of ETH, certain functions are put in place that impede this scenario. In particular, it is worth noting that users must withdraw their dividends during the calendar year, the right to dividends is not transferred to the next year. It should also be remembered that, in contrast to the referral payments that come immediately, dividends must be taken precisely by calling the special function of the smart contract SMRT16


Decentralization of marketing is an essential part of creating a decentralized enterprise. It is the people who carry out marketing that are rightly the beneficiaries. A simple and logical solution was to use a referral reward system in order to shift marketing to the project participants and distribute the fee for it between them. Single-level marketing still does not look attractive enough. In SMRT16, a four-level referral program scheme is implemented where the maximum reward of the first level is 1/2 of the transaction amount, 2nd - 1/4, 3rd - 1/8 and 4th - 1/16. In total, it turns out that the project pays 15/16 of the cost of selling tokens. 1/16 which remains goes to the project account, accumulates until the end of the period and makes a profit, which will be distributed in the form of dividends again between the project participants. It should be noted that the size of the referral fee is limited by the size of the balance of Smrt16 tokens. This fact should already stimulate the token market in the early stages.

Binary MLM and similar systems of automatic selection of referrals attracts alot to a project inactive participants. It was not selected for the reason that the project does not need passive members. Only active participants are needed who can provide an active on-chain business at the end of the token sale phase.

Token Sale

SMRT16 tokens give the right to receive dividends.

If the laws of your country have special regulation, conflict or uncertainty regarding the interpretation of the process that is recorded in the smart contract of the project, then do not interact with it. No one except you will be responsible for your actions. Read the smart contract code in all uncertain situations. You can buy tokens during the initial offer through two types of smart contracts SMRT16. Tokens do not have any restrictions on the exchange or sale of tokens between users at any given time. SMRT16 is a Mintable ERC20 compatible token. The maximum value of sold tokens can reach 160 million tokens. Each subsequent sale erodes the share of participants. 1/16 of the maximum number of possible tokens sold can be used by a special Bounty smart contract.

Another very important notice about the SMRT16 crowdsale is that, the referrer should have a sufficient amount of tokens to gather the bonus completely. This is fair and stimulates second hand market: the bonuses are proportional to the own investments. Tokens indicates the maximum amount of ETH can be paid with 1:1 price condition. So, if you have 1 SMRT on your account it means: 1) 50% bonus can be up to 0.5ETH for you immediately, 2) 25% bonus is 0.25ETH, 3) 12.5% makes 0.125ETH and finally 4) 6.25% - 0.0625ETH.

The referral program is built into the SMRT16 Token Smart contract will motivate the people. These conditions are in programming code which is cemented with the Ethereum blockchain. Referral payments happens as a split of the transaction initiated by the buyer. You don't wait no little extra time. Automatic instant and secured by the blockchain. The referral program is the crowdsale itself.

Join SMRT16 project

You will need the Ethereum Wallet and some ETH.
1 ETH makes 100 SMRT16 Tokens


Project participant or memeber

This is a person who, under his own responsibility, in one way or another interacts with one or another smart contract of the SMRT16 project

Intruder or violator

The violator is a participant in the SMRT16 project according to the terminology of this project, but one that violates the law of a country in its actions. It must be remembered that the project has no management, and such a person is responsible for his actions.

Profit or income

The term profit in the SMRT16 project should be understood as the accumulation of ETH cryptocurrency at the addresses controlled by smart contracts of this project.

Dividends or profit distribution

The term dividends in the SMRT16 project should be understood as a certain part of the ETH cryptocurrency accumulated in one way or another at one or more Ethereum addresses controlled by smart contracts SMRT16 which this or that holder of SMRT16 tokens can withdraw to their Ethereum address.


In the framework of the SMRT16 project, the term marketing should be understood as a set of functions of smart contracts SMRT16 aimed at attracting people's interest in the project. It should be remembered that marketing activities in the broad sense of the understanding that are performed by current project participants are not the term SMRT16.

Token Sale

In the framework of the SMRT16 project, the sale of tokens is the process of automatically exchanging ETH cryptocurrency for SMRT16 tokens.